Stewardship Spot: GMO Links

Eating healthy, sustainable food is stewardship for our body and planet. Here are some links and reasons to avoid GMO foods.

GMO and Related Resource Information

Websites: (Online Seed Mutation Database)


Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey M. Smith
Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey M. Smith

Free Online Videos:

Seeds Of Death - Full Movie:

1hr-49min View Online Free Video: The World According to Monsanto

5min India Suicides

10min soy in Latin America: Killing Fields: The True Cost of Cheap Meat

1hr-24min Everything you have to know about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods (Jeffery M. Smith)

35min Are Genetically Engineered Foods Promoting Autism?

Online Videos (Small Fee):

Genetic Roulette Watch Online for $2.99 donation:
King Corn $2.99 rent on Amazon
Food Inc. $2.99 rent on Amazon
FRESH $2.99 rent on Amazon


Bayer & Monsanto History:
Organic companies

Stewardship Spot Links

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Taskey Program. A free program for windows operating system that I created which we use to help us be better stewards and keep track of tasks and other things.

Stewardship 101 A program I created and we use to help us keep track of things and be a better steward. For Android devices, available in a free lite version and a full version.

Stewardship Presentation Watch our full presentation on YouTube of "Life Stewardship From A Biblical Perspective." (Learning ways to take care of God's planet one choice at a time.)

Stewardship PowerPoint PDF Slides from the presentation.