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Shannon has been a Master Gardener since 2005 and helps out with various projects including the farmers market just down the road from us. We both have been helping out at the Holland Community Garden and learning new things as we go. Our new mission, since 2010 has been to be productive at growing our own veggies. We have been putting a lot of work and effort into our gardens as you can see from our blog (Campau Garden Journey). We know we have a lot more to learn and a long ways to grow.

We moved from inner city Grand Rapids out to the North side of Holland where Shannon grew up. We purchased a beautiful ranch, which had been built on a sand dune. It has a walk out basement in the back and originally had very steep slopes down the two sides of the house. The neighbor behind us who has children older than we are, informed us early on that his kids were so disappointed when the empty lot that was the neighborhood's playground had our house built on it. Now 30 years later, we decided to grow plants on this thinly covered sand dune, which truthfully, only beach grass would be extremely happy.

Over the past 10 years Shannon's interests in gardening has increased along with Timothy's participation and energy. Shannon completed the Michigan State Master Gardener course in 2004 and obtained a certification in 2005, which she has maintained. Flower gardening is Shannon's first love but our food gardens have definitely taken center stage in our focus.

We have made many changes to our yard and gardens. Putting some in, ripping them out and changing things around several times. Timothy has done an excellent job at taking our ideas, creating a plan on CAD and then implementing it. Many hours of hard labor have gone into creating and maintaining the flowerbeds, ponds and food gardens but it has been worth it.

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Transformation Gallery The First 10 Years, shows the progression of yard projects from 2002 to 2012.

Campau Garden Journey Blog

Garden Time An Android program Timothy developed to help you with keeping track of when to so, transplant, and harvest your crops.

Garden Time. A Windows Program (Free) Timothy developed to help you with keeping track of when to so, transplant, and harvest your crops.