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This spot is dedicated to our Creator and Sustainer. The hope that lies within us. The Master of the universe...

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Check out our Campau Revelation Journey Blog which talks about our journey through the Bible and life.

Encouragement Here is an article that Timothy wrote to hopefully encourage you and strengthen your faith in the Creator of all things. Included are some of his testimonies of God's (YHVH's) miraculous involment in his life.

Seekingthetruth.com A website we contribute to and Timothy maintains about Seeking the Truth in God's Word, the holy scriptures.

Wisdom for Today Read and search through hundreds of words of Godly wisdom collected from Dale Cresaps's blog that Timothy made in to an Android App.

Wisdom for Today (Windows Version): Now you can get for your windows PC. Note: Microsoft .Net framework is required. If you have framework 2.0 through 3.5 enabled, this download should work. If you have windows 8 or want framework 4 or 4.5 version, send me a note. This is a clickonce instal. Let me know if you find this program valuable to you and I will pass your message on to Dale.

Program Description: God speaks to us through His words recorded and available to us in the scriptures. He spoke to the authors of scripture many years ago. Wouldn't it be wonderful if He spoke to us today like He did in the past? The truth is He does. He desires a relationship with each one of us today! It is possible to Hear God's voice! Dale Cresap is one of many individuals who have been communing with God for years. Dale has written down these bits of Wisdom for Today which are available on the Communion With God Ministries website as well as the Koinonia Network website blogs. Now you can have this wisdom available on your Android device. Each entry is short, succinct and to the point. It will challenge you to examine your life and become more like Jesus.

There are over 2,400 entries and more will be added periodically. Dale Cresap maintains rights to all entries. (Copyright 2013 Dale Cresap)

You can be reminded with notifications to read one or more random entries each day, or do a search to find wisdom on a topic of need or interest. Mark your favorites as you go along so you can find them back again for later reference.

Dale is a Certified Communion With God Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling.

Dale's Blog Bio: Dale Cresap has been actively involved in the Christian Community in Idaho Falls for 34 years. He sends out a daily inspirational note and wants to assist others in learning to hear God’s voice better for themselves. Dale learned to hear God’s voice gradually in a wandering journey that took 30 years. About 10 years ago he attended a seminar by Mark Virkler whose life work has been to develop and teach an approach to this important topic that anyone can follow. Mark and Dale have since become friends and Dale’s daily messages appear on Mark’s ministry website, Communion With God. Mark has encouraged Dale to teach his material and he is eager to find groups of any size who want to learn this valuable skill.

The Word Our favorite free Bible software.

Other Links

Watch an amazing testimony from a women dying of cancer.

Watch a testimony and teaching by Laura Hackett in Korea. (Good vs Crooked Eye)

Lifestyle Christianity - Excellent testimonies and teachings by Todd White

Passion For Truth - Excellent Bible based teachings

Jim Staley's Blog - Revelation's from Jim while in prison

The Last Reformation - Excellent testimonies and teachings by Torben Sondergaard (check out the Pioneer School)

Campau Revelation Journey - Our journey through the Bible (and life) blog.