Art Spot

Shannon is an accomplished artist and has done several projects. Below you will find links to various art galleries.

"I am the daughter of a very creative and crafty mother and an amazing draftsman father. I have been blessed with both of their God given talents. I enjoy painting, drawing and creating in a realistic fashion. I do not do well with abstract. I have been encouraged to draw and create from childhood as we did not have a TV and my mom had many children to keep entertained. Hence we were always given projects to do, books to read and being kicked outside to enjoy the great outdoors."

The galleries are organized by when I completed the art in them. Gallery 1 contains the oldest artwork and Gallery 3 is the newest. Each piece is labeled with a title and the medium used to create it.

Art Links

Gallery 1 Early Years

Gallery 2 Adult

Gallery 3 2012+