Garden Spot: Web Links

The following website links we have found to be inspirational and encouraging rolemodels in sustainable gardening / farming: Several free permaculture videos available by Geoff Lawton

The following website links are garden resources we have found helpful: Here you will find hundreds of informative gardening videos produced by John Kohler Organic gardening by Phil Nauta University of Maryland Extension Michigan State University Extension Veggie Harvest - Info Website

Insects and plant identification:
Diseases of Vegetable Crops Identification, Monitoring and Control PDF
Plant family field identification PDF
Learning About Insects on the Playground Reader submission. (Thanks!)

The following website links are sources for buying seeds for your garden: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - America's Top Source for Pure Heirloom Seeds Bountiful Gardens - Heirloom, Untreated, Open-Pollinated Seeds for Sustainable Growing Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Miscellaneous Resources:

Storage Guidelines for Fruits & Vegetables PDF

Garden Links

Web Links Inspirational Gardeners / Farmers and other resource links.

Transformation Gallery The First 10 Years, shows the progression of yard projects from 2002 to 2012.

Campau Garden Journey Blog

Garden Time. An Android program (Trial and Full Versions) Timothy developed to help you with keeping track of when to so, transplant, and harvest your crops.