Vessels of Honor: Boot-Camp - Attendees

2017 - Hannah & Emma from California

Photo Memories:

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Post Camp Survey Letters:

I definitely recommend this camp. I was pleasantly surprised at the spiritual growth I experienced – learning to hear from God, surrendering to Him so that He can empower me, letting go of the spirits of guilt and condemnation, learning to focus on Yeshua instead of the problems. And the classes were also fun. I really enjoyed making a small computer program, and of course playing volleyball was fun as well. I also found that I really like to ride bikes. We would ride to the beach, to different parks, to some bike trails. If I lived in a big city I would totally ride a bike everywhere! So, that’s something I didn’t expect to learn from this camp! I also greatly encourage others to participate in the camp because you will learn a lot about gardening and growing plants in general, about soil – things you will find insightful / even if you are not crazy about plants like Shannon. (Emma)

Participating in VOH camp has surprised me in a positive way. I expected to have a fun time, learn a few things, and go home. And I have had a ton of fun and learned a lot. But even better than that, I feel like I’m a changed person. I feel more confident in who I am, and I feel closer to God. I feel like I have more energy and more confidence. I feel God living inside me – I don’t just know it. Yahweh has awakened and strengthened me through this experience. He has highlighted areas of my life I need to surrender and I have let Him take control. I am truly blessed and honored and feel extremely grateful for this time. Thank you Tim and Shannon for allowing God to work through you two and bless me. (Hannah)

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